Below are 2 documents with raw scores for WODs 1-3 for men and women, as well as rankings for each event and overall.  Click on each one to enlarge it.  As you will see, there has been a shift in the men’s top three.  We caught a scoring error in WOD 4, and while we wish it hadn’t happened, we are glad we took the time over the past few days to pour over the scores to be sure what we are posting now is accurate.  Those involved have been called prior to this posting, so there should be no surprises!

There was a tie for 3rd in both the men’s and women’s competitions, with the tie-break going to the person who had the highest ranking in a single WOD. Final results:

1. Jill Sprague
2. Bonnie Lynn
3. Terri Rivero tied with Allison Belger.  Tie-break goes to Terri Rivero.

1. Freddy Camacho
2. Corey Bibolett
3. Bryan Kastl tied with Brad Greenlee  Tie-break goes to Bryan Kastl.

Please post any questions about scoring to the comments section on this blog. Stay tuned for a really cool video of the day coming tonight or tomorrow.


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  1. Brad Greenlee says:

    Wow, congrats to Bryan on squeaking by me! Any chance of getting a breakdown of what everyone got in the final event, just out of curiosity?

    • tjsgym says:

      It’s Allison here. Please email me at to get the WOD 4 breakdown. For those of you who didn’t see what WOD 4 was, here you go:
      Max Muscle ups in 3 min (women max False grip ring pullups and ring dips 1:1)
      Rest 2 min
      1RM Back Squat in 4 min
      rest 1 min
      Max reps HSPU (men to negative, no kip; women to floor kip allowed)
      rest 2 min
      1RM Ground to Shoulders in 4 min
      rest 1 min
      1RM Weighted Pullup in 4 min

    • tjsgym says:

      Hi Again, Brad. Our email was down (Yahoo issue) from 1pm-6pm today. Please email us again as it seems to be working again now.

  2. freddy camacho says:

    TJ’s gym rocks. I can tell a lot of planning went into the event, and the competiton went off without a hitch because of the hard work TJ and his staff did. I really had a great time at this event and was happy to meet so many peeps. Kudos to all you first time competitors. Good stuff huh?

    I still got four more years in my forties so I’ll see you all next year!!

  3. Corey Bibolet says:

    I had a great time at the competition. Everything went off without a hitch. Thanks to everyone at TJ’s Gym for putting on a top notch event. It was cool to see some familiar faces and to meet new people. It’s good to see everyone lay it out there and hold nothing back. It was a very tough day.

  4. Lesha Kastl says:

    Great job to everyone!!! It was a pleasure watching you all. It made me, and several others in our box, want to compete =) Great job to TJ’s for all the great planning and putting on such a great event.

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