Lisa Rendic.  NorCal 40’s Event Coordinator and Most Valuable Player.

When we decided to hold this event we knew that Allison wanted to compete.  That would leave me as the organizer of the event.  Probably not my best skill set.  After Allison told me that her plan was to have Lisa coordinate it I almost passed out with relief.  She ran the marketing, registration, volunteers, judging, hyping, soothing and worrying to a perfection.  The number of compliments we received from the participants (who are most important) has been overwhelming.  We hope to have all the competitors back next year which , by their responses, will be almost 100 percent.  Lisa deserves a ton of credit for this and we are lucky to have her in our community.

A huge debt of gratitude goes to all of our judges, volunteers and spectators.  You guys brought the energy to a whole other level.

Look for an unbelievable video from Jen Thomas Sunday on the blog.


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