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  1. Brian Nabeta says:

    Besides wod 3 which is an amrap, is there a time cap for any of the other wods?

  2. Kenny Lima says:

    What is the weight of KB Swing?

  3. donna says:

    What are the pounds for the kettle bell swings?

  4. Hey Guys! On workout 2, does any attempt also count as a “no rep”? And do the 20 double unders then count toward the 30 reps, like 20 double unders = 1 squat snatch?
    Thanks so much! It’s going to be a great time!

  5. 125# squat snatch….HAHAHA….no repeat championship for me this year. =) See you all on Sunday.

  6. David says:

    What is the KB weight for men and women?

  7. rob says:

    Yes would be nice to know time caps 🙂

  8. liz says:

    if you can’t lift the RX weight for WOD 2, do you just take a zero score and sit that WOD out?

    • tjsgym says:

      About scaling–there is no formal scaling, but you are welcome to do the workout for fun at a lower weight if we have enough plates from the warmup area

  9. Fernando says:

    On WOD 2, is rest penalized with d/u or only the missed attempts?

  10. Lance says:

    Great programming! I’m looking forward to competing with everyone. See ya’ll Sunday.

  11. Katrina Hahn says:

    Any scaling aloud?

  12. Craig says:

    Thanks for putting this together. Just a thought: the d/us is “piling on.” A penalty movement punishes the inferior athlete who is already getting beat – and will affect them for later wods as well.

  13. Mike Minium says:

    For WOD 2, do the penalty double-unders happen right on the spot, after you miss the snatch, or are they tallied up and done at the end? For example, if you missed 5 snatches, do you do 100 of them at the end of the workout (after you’ve finished the 30 snatches and before the time cap)?

  14. […] Neil Murphy, Dave Zeff, Brad Matsik, Coach Bob Scheppler, Patty Flynn, Kathy Jung, Gia Kramer and Dr. Belger will all be representing TJ’s this weekend at the NorCal 40′s and the workouts are up here! […]

  15. Gigi says:

    Can I use my own rope?

  16. Bryan Kastl says:

    Just did the 7min amrap wod. This one stops you in your tracks quick !! See you guys this weekend = )

  17. Sabrina says:

    If someone isn’t able to finish all of the snatches in WOD 2 in the time limit, but does some at RX weight, will you be scoring their reps behind the ones who do finish, or will they DNF or get zero points just as if they didn’t do the RX weight?

  18. Doug Scalia says:

    Will you be posting the heat times in advance of Sunday? I have some friends that want to come watch.

  19. Doug Scalia says:

    Quick question on the DB Push Presses. You indicate no jumping which I completely understand and from the example that is quite clear. My question is is it acceptable to rise up on your toes as you thrust the weight upward or do we need to keep our heels planted on the floor?

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