Hey Everyone-
Thank you so much for the incredible turnout yesterday and all of the amazing energy, enthusiasm and support for this event. You are an incredible group of people and we are so happy to know you!
Yes, we have come across a scoring error which was changed and thus affected the final standings for the women. Before we make an official announcement, we have decided to go back through all the scores for the top finishers with a fine tooth comb to ensure there was just this one mistake. We will do this today and get back to you asap.
We apologize profusely for this confusion and hope it does not diminish from your experience yesterday. Scoring is a high priority for us and we put many hours into the planning and execution of it. Unfortunately, human error can still happen and one little digit can make a big impact. We are working afap to make it right and will ensure that all finishers are recognized and awarded properly.
Thanks for your understanding and patience!


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Owner of TJ's Gym

4 responses »

  1. rob says:

    Any pictures from the comp coming out?

  2. Iz Juarez says:

    Will you be posting the actual times/reps completed by each participant for each WOD anywhere?

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