After an afternoon checking and re-checking the numbers, we can confirm that a mistake was made and we had an error in the final scores last night. The standings for the top 5 women in the correct order are:

  1. Allison Belger – 7.75
  2. Bonnie Lynn – 25.0
  3. Sabrina Teller – 25.5
  4. Cori Boone – 25.75
  5. Shannon Tipton – 27.5

The difference in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place women is an astonishing .75. The competition was so tight and one small error on our part entering data under pressure last night gave us false results. We found the error and corrected it immediately this morning. Our deepest apologies to those affected, we will be in touch. Mainly, we need to get Sabrina some prizes! Congratulations to all these ladies – a true testament to how “every second counts”. You are all amazing and we thank you for being a part of an incredible day yesterday.

On the men’s side, we wanted to point out that there was actually a tie between Scott Dorrity and Kenny Kane for 2nd place. Again, such a tight and exciting finish last night! The final standings for the men are as follows:

1. Skip Hanson-31.75

2. Scott Dorrity-35.25

2. Kenny Kane-35.25

4. Brad Matsik-44.5

5. Jason Berger-54.0

Congratulations to these 10 and to everyone who competed yesterday! It is an honor to have you join us at NorCal 40s. We hope to see you all again next year!

Check back soon for photos and videos!


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