I took this post from our gym blog that I wrote but I think you’ll all agree that it fits here just as well.

This is the second year of putting on the NorCal 40’s and the second year of Lisa running the show. She oversees everything. Programming, venue, volunteers, judging, registration, food, parking, insurance, blog, facebook and making sure that the emcee is well lubricated with his favorite adult beverage. Everyone loves a mouthy emcee. This year was different from last though. There was pressure. Backyard throwdowns are cool but we had set a bar and we only want to raise it. Lisa is a driving force behind that. She is not only an incredibly organized individual but she has incredible vision. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t . She has the incredible confidence to voice her feelings and then back them up. She also doesn’t hesitate to make changes if they are for the greater good and she does it with the upmost honesty and integrity. It boils down to who she is and she is someone who cares. Deeply, emotionally and without guilt she cares for everything in this community and what it stands for. You get one or two people in your life who will do anything and I mean anything for you, including family. We are lucky enough to have our Lisa. If you wear the blue she will bleed, cry, scream, not sleep, drink tequila, give you a hug and worry herself sick for you. She will also make you better than you were before you met her. For that, I personally will always be in debt to her.


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  1. I wear the Blue. CrossFit Redding blue, and even if it’s not TJ’s blue, I would agree with TJ. This is the second year I’ve competed at the NorCal 40s and even though last year was really good, I am amazed at what I experienced this past weekend. With the complexity of adding the Floater WODs, there was a huge potential of chaos. The entire event was run flawlessly with almost triple the competitors. That does not just happen by accident. There has to be someone at the helm that knows what they are doing.
    Lisa, from a Blue Brother from afar, thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into this effort to make the NorCal 40s event such a great experience for all of us elder CrossFitters!

  2. Lisa is a force and does everything she does well. For those of you who don’t know, she also happens to be an unbelievable CrossFitter. At 39, she can compete with women far younger and could probably make a run for it as an individual, though thankfully she chooses to be part of our team. She will kick all of our asses and then some if she ever throws in her event coordinator role to compete at the NorCal 40s, but she may be too darn nice to do just that! Thanks, Lis, for another amazing event and for pouring your heart into everything TJ’s!

  3. Sabrina says:

    Thanks for a really fun event. Loved the variety in the programming and was really impressed that the timing of all those WODs with all of those competitors ran as well as it did. Can’t wait to come back next year!

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